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[S2E5] Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except...

[S2E5] Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except... ->>->>->>

Annmarie Caño: Welcome to EmpowerED to Lead, a Wayne State University podcast for academic leaders who are committed to empowering their community to succeed. I'm your host, Annmarie Caño, associate provost for faculty development and faculty success at Wayne State. In this podcast, we'll explore the personal journeys of academic leaders, both current and emerging, to learn more about how they've developed their careers. We'll speak with faculty and staff about their work and how they have empowered themselves and others along the way. By doing this, we hope to empower listeners like you as you continue on your leadership path. Today, we're speaking with Kristen Chinery. Kristen is an archivist for at the Walter P. Reuther Library Archives of labor and urban affairs where she manages manuscript reference services. She received a master's in history, master's of library and information science, an archival administration certificate from Wayne State University, and a bachelor's in history from Adrian College. Kristen chairs Wayne State's AAUP-AFT council and sits on a number of university committees. Professionally, she has a nationally distinguished record of presentations, publications, and service appointments. Kristen's research and scholarship activity includes women's labor history and the working conditions of archivists. Welcome to the podcast, Kristen. Kristen Chinery: Thank you. Hello. Annmarie Caño: Hi. Let's start by having you tell us what you love about your job. Kristen Chinery: As you mentioned, I am an archivist at the Reuther Library. I am actually the Reference Archivist, that's my title. My job is to assist students, faculty, other researchers with questions they have about our collections. What's in them, what isn't in them, what we might have that could further their research. A lot of what I do is detective work, pulling different pieces together to solve a puzzle. It's a lot of fun. I love the detective aspect of my job. A lot of times I will spend weeks in the stacks going through boxes and folders, trying to find something that I know we have, I just don't know where, so I have to find it. It can be very cumbersome, but very rewarding when you do find the needle. It's glorious. Annmarie Caño: Yeah. It's like you won the lottery. Kristen Chinery: It's like Christmas morning sometimes. Annmarie Caño: What kinds of materials are in the archives Kristen Chinery: We are the largest labor archive in North America. Some people say the world. We don't go that far, we have some humility there. In addition to labor collections, we hold a wealth of records about urban Detroit, specifically Detroit politics and social movements, civil rights, women in the workplace. We also hold the records of Wayne State University. Lots of different collecting themes. We have papers, pamphlets, newsletters, newspapers, photographs, moving images, audio files. Just about every format of a record in its life cycle that you could imagine, we have. Annmarie Caño: You have a lot of students and Wayne State faculty coming to use the archives. Which departments do you work with more Kristen Chinery: For something like instruction on using primary sources, which we have a lot of classes that come in, I would say it's humanities-focused, history-focused. There's some off classes. Every once in awhile, a health class will come in or an econ class will come in, or something that doesn't seem like it would necessarily have a need for primary source research. But what we're discovering is it really helps students to identify factual content from things that are not factual. By looking at primary sources, interrogating those records in a forensic way, they're able to make better judgments about all of the information that comes to them. That's a very rewarding process to watch unfold. Annmarie Caño: And it seems like there are opportunities for departments that might not typically engage with you to engage more with you- Kristen Chiner


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