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Drama I Hear Your Voice 12 VERIFIED


Drama I Hear Your Voice 12

I am trying to find out the name of a drama series about a Korean Empress. My friend said it was excellent, and she cannot remember the name. She told me about it a couple years ago or so, and I would recognize the name if I heard it.

The film shows us nothing of the trial itself except for the judge's perfunctory, almost bored, charge to the jury. His tone of voice indicates the verdict is a foregone conclusion. We hear neither prosecutor nor defense attorney, and learn of the evidence only second-hand, as the jurors debate it. Most courtroom movies feel it necessary to end with a clear-cut verdict. But "12 Angry Men" never states whether the defendant is innocent or guilty. It is about whether the jury has a reasonable doubt about his guilt.

While there is no need to shout, a speaker should project to be easily heard from the furthest part of the audience. Even if the speech is amplified with a microphone/sound system, one must speak with projection and energy. As with your rate of speech, you should speak at a volume that comfortably allows you to increase the volume of your voice without seeming to shout or decrease the volume of your voice and still be heard by all audience members.

Do not expect to walk up to the podium and have a full voice. Actors spend about a half-hour doing vocal warm-ups, and singers warm up much more. You might not have an opportunity to warm up immediately before your speech, but when you can, warm up with humming, yawning (loudly) or singing scales: all while breathing deeply and efficiently. It will loosen your voice, prevent irritation, and fire up your vocal energy.

Go to the room in which you are to speak. Have a friend sit as far away from the podium is possible. Rehearse your speech, talking loudly enough so your friend can hear you comfortably. That is the projection you will need. When you mentally focus on the distant listener, you will tend to project better.

One final note: If public speaking is or will be an important part of your career, it would be sensible to have an evaluation of your voice, articulation and projection done by an objective professional so you can take any remedial action that might be recommended. There are courses of study, private lessons, and professional voice coaches to work with your voice projection, tone, and pitch.

The supernatural element of the story struck me as well, because it was not overplayed to the point of becoming the center of the stories universe. While our main male character could hear others thoughts, his ability was a compliment to keep events rolling, but never dominated our plot. Not to say that supernatural dramas are not great, they are (huge fan), but somehow this plot line was refreshing for how it kept up the out-of-this-world by containing it entirely within very worldly problems.

Thank you for reading my review! I am still missing I hear your voice. There are a few awesome sounding dramas debuting this week so I am going to try to (hopefully) bury my sorrow in one of them

All the guilt can be cleansed away! Christ can deliver you from the misuse of the tongue. And when you come to him conscious of that sin, you discover what a glorious Savior he is. Delivered, albeit not yet perfected and glorified, your tongue now shows forth his praises. Taken out of the pit and from the miry clay, on your lips is now a new song of praise to your God. Then people not only hear a different vocabulary, but they hear you speak with a different accent. That is what leaves the lasting impression of the power of Christ and the transformation of grace in your life.

Devon, aged 49, is of Afro-Caribbean origin and came to the UK aged 7 to join his parents when his grandmother died. Devon is a founder member of the music project Sound Minds. His band, Investigators, reached number one in the reggae charts in the 70s.In his twenties, Devon began grieving for his grandmother' he was squatting, not eating properly, smoking


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