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Myesha Reuteler

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the order of the casper tests is not in any way related to program rankings, and is simply an order of testing. if you are considering multiple programs, you should take the casper test for the program(s) that are ranked highest on your ranked list.

please note that you must pay for your casper test within 7 days of completing it. your payment must be verified and processed by the credentials team to receive your test score. if you are unable to pay, you may purchase an additional test. however, if you do not pay by the due date, your score will be removed from the distribution list. be sure to check the dates and fees page on the altus website for a listing of program distribution deadlines.

for us md match programs, the date and fees page will indicate when your us md match application deadline is, and your us md match deadline will also determine your casper test date, as shown on the dates and fees page. your application will be considered for the program(s) in which you wish to participate. if you choose to participate in more than one match program, you will need to take your casper test as per the date(s) and fees indicated for each program.

applications to canada are considered separately from us applications, and you will receive your casper score on a separate date if you wish to apply to canada. if you do not take a casper test, you will be able to apply to the canadian program(s) of your choice.

casper testing is not included in your application fee, and we do not bill you for the processing of your test score. in addition, it is not included in your application fee when you pay for your application (i.e. you do not need to pay an additional application fee to test). 3d9ccd7d82


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