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The Riftbreaker Torrent !FREE!

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The Riftbreaker Torrent !FREE!

If you have any other questions or want to participate in the development of Riftbreaker, leave a comment or join us in our various channels on discord. We are always happy to have input from our players and your question/suggestion will be taken into consideration.

Other Platforms: ROBUX version Retro-Re-loaded version Osmos version Q-trooper version Steam version The Riftbreaker Torrent We follow the Indie market, and we are active on Facebook, Twitter and most mainstream gaming forums - so check us out.

Our Little Geeks, at one time a single author, has now become the current incarnation of the Riftbreaker staff team. This is an ever-growing team of friends and family that work together to ensure that the Riftbreaker remains a beacon of hope in these troubled times. We want it to be something you can play and love and play with your friends.

You play the role of captain Ashley S. Nowak you are the Riftbreaker, an elite scientist/commando inside a powerful Mecha-Suit. Enter a one-way portal to Galatea 37, a distant planet at the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, with the purpose of building up a base that will allow travel back to Earth and further colonization. Ashleys Mecha-suit, which she calls Mr. Riggs, can withstand the harshest environmental conditions and has a full range of equipment for base construction, resource extraction, gathering specimens and of course combat. It is capable of traveling through rifts that connect space across vast distances. 3d9ccd7d82


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