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Rocksmith No Cable Launcher \/\/FREE\\\\


i want to get rocksmith 2013 to work as well, but i cant. i did the same thing you did. i connect the usb cable to the standalone version of rocksmith with the usb port on the back and then go to "drivers" in the control panel and it says "no devices are installed".

i need this rock shop to work on my laptop, i have to play through it, but every time i play it wont find my guitar it says it hasnt detected it, and i have a real tone cable, but it doesnt work, and i dont know why

i have a real tone cable. i installed rocksmith 2014 and i can hear the music, but it wont show any effects on my guitar. its just there, and there is no sound when i strum, or fret, or anything. i can see the lights, i can see the volume go up and down, but there isnt any sound. when i plug in my guitar, i can see it showing up in the program. any help

i have no sound with guitar and i have no sound with amp. i have a real tone cable, i followed the instructions. i have a windows 7 laptop, i have not installed the games. i have the normal rocksmith 2014 and the real tone cable. this is new and i have no idea what i am doing.

i have a real tone cable, i installed rocksmith 2014 on my windows 7 laptop and i can hear the music but i cant play it, no amp and no guitar effects, it just shows the guitar and it wont play or let me play it, i cant figure out what to do, i have a real tone cable, and a windows 7 laptop

in terms of building a connection for usb style guitars, rolocks have the most comprehensive solution, and are the best one-stop solution, in my opinion. you can plug any usb guitar into the system and play the game (without using a real tone cable). the system can accept the bass guitar and guitar inputs on the bottom, and the electric guitar input on the top, and the system will work flawlessly with any usb guitar. they have a ton of cables, patches, and adapters to make the whole thing work. you dont need to have a daw or special software or anything else. you can plug it in and play the game as it was designed to be played. 3d9ccd7d82


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