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Annabelle Horror Movie 2014 In Hindi

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Annabelle Horror Movie 2014 In Hindi: A Terrifying Tale of Possession and Evil

Annabelle Horror Movie 2014 In Hindi is a dubbed version of the American supernatural horror film Annabelle, which is a spin-off of The Conjuring series. The film tells the story of a young couple who are haunted by a demonic doll named Annabelle, which was possessed by a cult member who died in their home.

The film was directed by John R. Leonetti and written by Gary Dauberman. It stars Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Alfre Woodard, Tony Amendola, and Eric Ladin. The film was released on October 3, 2014 in the United States and on October 10, 2014 in India. It received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but was a huge box office success, grossing over $257 million worldwide against a budget of $6.5 million.

Plot Summary of Annabelle Horror Movie 2014 In Hindi

The film begins with a flashback to 1968, where two young women and a man are telling Ed and Lorraine Warren about their experiences with a haunted doll named Annabelle. The Warrens explain that the doll is not possessed, but rather a conduit for an evil entity that wants to claim a human soul.

The film then shifts to 1967, where John and Mia Form are expecting their first child. John gives Mia a vintage doll named Annabelle as a gift for their nursery. One night, they are attacked by two members of a satanic cult, who break into their home and stab Mia. John manages to call the police and kill one of the intruders, while the other one commits suicide in the nursery while holding the doll. The police arrive and find a symbol drawn in blood on the wall.

Mia is taken to the hospital and survives the attack, but is advised to rest at home until her baby is born. She notices that the doll has some blood stains on it and asks John to throw it away. However, the doll reappears in one of their moving boxes when they relocate to an apartment building in Pasadena. Mia also starts to experience strange phenomena, such as hearing noises, seeing apparitions, and finding the doll in different places.

Mia befriends Evelyn, a bookstore owner who lost her daughter in a car accident. Evelyn tells Mia about a book she found that talks about demons and cults. She also reveals that the symbol on the wall was related to a demon named Annabelle Higgins, who was the leader of the cult that attacked Mia and John.

Mia learns that Annabelle Higgins and her boyfriend were trying to summon a demon by killing her parents and offering their souls. However, the demon wanted more than just two souls, so they went to Mia and John's house to kill them and their unborn child. When Annabelle Higgins died while holding the doll, she transferred her soul into it, allowing the demon to use it as a conduit.

The demon torments Mia and tries to trick her into giving up her soul or her child's soul. Mia seeks help from Father Perez, a priest who agrees to bless their apartment and take the doll away. However, the demon attacks Father Perez and throws him across the room, injuring him severely. Father Perez warns John that the demon will not stop until it gets what it wants.

John and Mia decide to leave the apartment and stay with their friends Debbie and Pete. However, they find out that Debbie and Pete have been killed by the demon while babysitting their daughter Leah. The demon also kidnaps Leah and takes her back to the apartment.

Mia and John rush back to the apartment and confront the demon. The demon demands Mia's soul in exchange for Leah's life. Mia refuses and tries to stab the doll with a pair of scissors, but the doll transforms into Annabelle Higgins and attacks her. Ev


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